Cspect inspected a windturbine fundation with their mini ROVs

15/08/2020 - 15:52

Cspect inspected a windturbine foundation in the North sea

On a project located near the coast of Belgium, with a high tidal flow, our client had the need to deploy an ROV to inspect and measure the condition of the anodes, to measure and quantify the marine growth, to perform CP measurements, to perform dimension measurements and to perform detailed visual inspections.

We performed above scope on the outside and inside of the monopile, to the satisfaction of the Contractor.

We developed a way to perform these inspections in a more efficient way which allowed our clients to reduce cost considerably!

Cspect ROVs are cabaple of working at depths of 300meter however more typically at around 30m for underwater windfarm monopiles, 60m for multi-pile structures or deeper locations for both floating and moored turbine foundations.

Quality label: we have been approved by DNVGL, ABS, Lloyds Register, RINA and Bureau Veritas to perform underwater inspections with ROVs