UTM thickness measurements with the Altum telescopic pole by Cspect

Cspect performs UTM thickness measurements on industrial storage tanks

01/02/2022 - 10:35

Cspect performed another successful inspection with the Altum telescopic pole on an industrial storage tank.
The inspection was done at the production site of one of our valued partners.

No stages were built. This way the customer saved time and money.

Compliance with legal requirements is very important for our customer. Cspect is certified to perform the necessary inspections with it's Altum telescopic pole and deliver the necessary reports.

Cspect is specialised in remote inspections techniques.
We can perform inspections at height, inspections below sea level and inspections in the air.

The tools that we use are The Altum telescopic pole, ROV's & drones.
They are equipped with HD camera's, UTM probes, grippers, grinding modules and much more.

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