Underwater inspection with Remotely Operated Vehicles

Underwater inspection with Remotely Operated Vehicles

We use and develop world-leading mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology to deliver safe and cost-effective solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned inspection

When compared to dive teams and work class ROVs, our clients have experienced cost savings of up to 60%.
Our micro ROV is an (unmanned) underwater drone that executes visual underwater inspections at a depth of up to 150 m.
From a research vessel or quay, the micro ROV is steered by means of a hand console. The performed operations can be followed on a secondary screen.
Our reporting software supplies the client with a full detailed survey record.

We are approved by RINA, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register and ABS to perform remotely operated inspections under water.

Mini ROV Tasks:

  • UWILD (Under Water Inspection in Lieu of Dry-docking) on pontoons.
  • inspections of spud cans
  • touchdown monitoring (TDM)
  • ballast tank inspection with the vessel in operation
  • freshwater tank inspections
  • quay inspection
  • reservoir inspection
  • bottom door inspection of hopper dredgers
  • pipe line inspections
  • oceanography , seabed inspections, oil spills monitoring
  • ship’s hull inspection for drugs packages
  • fishing industry surveys, fish farming cages surveys – mussel and oyster farms
  • fouling inspection of the ship’s hull
  • damage inspection of the ship’s hull

Micro ROVs are not toys but real vehicles designed and built to the same criteria as its larger counterparts.
They are versatile, able to work in water depths up to 150m and being very lightweight. They can never cause damage to subsea structures, people or equipment. We are in the process of obtaining positioning system on all our ROVs. With this positioning system, we always know where we are

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