Underwater inspections with ROV or underwater drone. Above water inspections with the ALTUM and general inspections of your assets

The Altum telescopic pole: patent pending BE2020/5026

Our activities

Condition monitoring of your assets under and above water

Underwater inspections with ROV, underwater robots or underwater drones

Our low countries have many underwater structures such as quays, foundations, water tanks, pipelines, ducts and others. We also have several world ports where many ships pass. Visual inspection and assessment provides insight, but requires a considerable investment in time and money. An underwater drone offers a solution and carries out underwater inspections. No costly, risky dive teams required anymore. Fast and reliable results.

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Inspections with the ALTUM telescopic pole systems. A revolutionary way of inspecting!

The ALTUM has been developed to easily perform inspections and actions at height or depth. The system is an 'in-house' development by Cspect and patent pending. It consists of different modules which can be attached on top of an 'ultra-light' telescopic pole of 18 meter. It is a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to execute your general and detailed inspection and avoids expensive staging, rope access, cherry-pickers, ladders or other means. The system has the additional advantage, not to be bound to any rule or regulation. The system has an easy set-up and It can be deployed for 12hours without battery stress. After a short training, anybody can use the system at ease. Following modules are currently available: The ALTUM with the VISUAL module to perform your Close-Up inspections and the ALTUM with the UTM module to perform your Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (with grinding facility)

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Other services

Discover here our other inspections like ultrasonic and thermographic inspections.

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We are certified for underwater inspections with ROV/underwater robots and above water inspections with the ALTUM telescopic pole by:

  • Bureau Veritas (BV)

  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

  • RINA

  • DNV