UTM thickness measurements with an A-SCAN up to a height of 24m

The ALTUM with UTM module


  • No working at heights

  • Less activity compared to other systems: 1 man operation is possible

  • Compared with drones: no risk of crashing and no battery stress!

Reduction of direct costs

  • No need of expensive scaffolding, rope access, ladders or cherry pickers

  • Less preparation

  • The costs of the inspections themselves can be lowered by 25-50% because fewer man-hours are needed as the process is more automated.

  • The efficiency of the Altum is beyond any other system in the market when compared to output: amount of measurements/time frame

Reduction of indirect costs

  • Results of the measurement are directly available

  • Shorter downtime, the inspection process takes days instead of weeks so your asset can get back in production faster.

Some references: (click on the picture for the exploded view)

The ALTUM-UTM measuring corrugated transversal bulkhead on a bulkcarrier
The ALTUM-UTM measuring on a silo
The ALTUM-UTM measuring on a coated steel tank
The ALTUM-UTM measuring on a stainless steel tank
The ALTUM-UTM measuring on a rusted steel tank
The ALTUM with UTM module on a rusted steel tank where grinding was required
  • Safe and Reliable

  • Up to a height of 20 meter

  • UTM with an A-scan

  • Indoor as outdoor use

  • Compared to drones, the ALTUM is not bound to any regulation

  • The UT probes used are the most accurate in the industry, with a tolerance of 0.03mm

  • 1 man operation possible

  • Can measure vertical walls, sloped walls and ceilings

  • Works on all materials: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc...

  • Grinding module is provided if cleaning/brushing is required

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