Ultrasonic inspection

Ultrasound is a pillar of your asset condition management strategy.

Compressed air often uses more energy than most other equipment in a plant. Leaking airlines, couplings, air tools, hoses and other defective compressed air components can be major sources of energy loss.

Ultrasound detection allows you to detect many inaudible or undetectable phenomena that other predictive tools do not detect.

The best known application for this kind of device is the detection and precise localization of gas leaks. Through the noise detected and knowledge of the pressure within the pipe, it is possible to quantify the leak rate and therefore the financial loss generated by it.

What are the benefits?

* Non-contact type technology

* Detect loss of energy

* Fast, reliable & accurate output

* Large surface areas can be scanned in a short time

* Affordable and cost-effective

What else can we monitor?

MECHANICAL: Detect defects in any mechanical system.

LEAKS: Find pressure and vacuum leaks in noisy conditions.

LUBRICATION: Avoid over/under lubrication. Grease bearings right!

ELECTRICAL: Inspect medium and high voltage systems for arcing, tracking and corona.

VALVES: Asses valve tightness and function. Find leaking valves.

STEAM: Find faulty steam traps and leaking components.

HYDRAULICS: Troubleshoot any hydraulic system for passing and blocakges.

TIGHTNESS: Determine the tightness of any enclosed volume.

If any questions?

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